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Greet your wedding guests with charm and style with a hand crafted/painted wedding sign.

2'x3' Reclaimed wood gives the perfect rustic feel while clean lettering matches the sophistication of your special day.

Please inlude wedding date and names of the couple upon ordering.

Free Sonoma County Shipping

Wedding Welcome Sign

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Our products (beside Framed pieces) are crafted from reclaimed wood. Each piece starts as a pile of scrap wood and is transformed into a beautiful focal point for you home.

    The wood has been sanded, stained, painted, routed, assembled, designed, and topcoated - all by one person. While the topcoat will act as a protector to your piece our signs are really made for indoor decor. Woods natural beauty includes cracks, scratches, knots, holes, and other imperfections. This is something we believe to be very beautiful about our product and hope you do too.

    Your sign will naturally adjust to your homes heat and cooling patterns, expanding and contracting my result in occasional/slight warping or cracking. This is usually minimal but not out of the ordinary.

    Your sign is one of a kind every time and is made with lots of love. We look forward to your creating with you.

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