This is the original sign made by Kristen in 2016.

It continues to hang in their home as a reminder of

'the one that started it all'

as well as gratitude and a reminder of

humble beginnings.


     It started with an anniversary. Five years of marriage is the traditional gift of wood and Kristen Bringhurst, owner and visionary of Boards&Bottle, was trying to be thrifty while being thoughtful. She used a piece of rough, un-sanded, scrap wood and a stencil she printed at home, and cut out by hand using an exacto knife. The result was a sign that was made with love and blurred letters that spelled out their last name and wedding date. The paint bled through her paper stencil, but it was lovely enough, in its own rustic way, for a friend to request their own sign. Requests kept coming. The signs got better and better. So did her tools and skillsets. Her husband introduced, and taught her how to use the tools in her increasingly necessary woodshop. Word of mouth continued to spread as photos were shared. Since 2016 there has been a constant flow of custom sign requests and Boards&Bottle could not be more honored to be making handcrafted wood signs for so many in this community.

​The DIY sign painting workshops of today are an evolution from the first humble gathering.

“Fall 2016 a friend was diagnosed with cancer. I thought if I can, anyone can stencil, let's have a fundraiser to offset medical costs. I brought the supplies, made some boards, and people bought tickets to stencil their own signs. All revenue generated went toward chemo treatment but the vision of Boards&Bottle had not been realized yet. In fact, originally Boards&Bottle was ‘Signs by Kristen’ as most requests were for custom wood signs. We shared paint brushes, used paper stencils, and painted on un-sanded signs. Nevertheless, it was a great success and the start of something much bigger than I ever anticipated. Requests for private sign parties began to come in from word of mouth. As interest increased, Boards&Bottle was created.” -Kristen


Thank you for supporting this family owned, and operated, Sonoma County small business. We can’t wait to meet, create, and share with you one of Wine Country’s must try experiences.


Kristen Bringhurst


Kristen received her Bachelors Degree in Design with a Minor in Studio Art at UC Davis.  Creator of each sign and visionary of Boards & Bottle, she hand crafts and designs each sign. Creating not just signs but heirlooms, pieces that will be handed down and cherished by future generations. She is a wife, mother, and proud Sonoma County native who loves her community. She loves connecting socially with so many wonderful people, business owners, and fellow entrepenuers. Her ultimate vision for Boards & Bottle is to become a wine + DIY brick and mortar venue here in Sonoma County.


Heidi Johnson


Heidi has been in the graphics art industry for 17+ years. From retail store and interior design, to logos and marketing materials. She loves being creative and working with others to enhance their natural creative abilities. She is the owner of Sonoma County graphic design company, CleverMotif, and is a mom to three wonderful boys. They love adventures and traveling together as a family.

“I am so excited to be a part of Boards & Bottle and share my enthusiasm of reclaimed wood projects!”

Alyssa Parker


Alyssa has a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing from California Polytechnic State University. She has been a marketing specialist for over 15 years and continues to enrich her career with her full-time job as a Realtor in Sonoma County. Wife and mom, Alyssa also sits on the board of the Santa Rosa Mother's Club.


Janelle Coultre


Sonoma State Business Adminstration Alum, Janelle is passionate about her community and connecting with them. She brings her positive energy to Boards & Bottle as well as maintaining her full time career as an account executive at the North Bay Business Journal. Wife and mother, Janelle aspires to encourage people to be the best they can be, personally and professionally.