This is the original sign made by Kristen in 2016.

It continues to hang in their home as a reminder of

'the one that started it all'

as well as gratitude and a reminder of

humble beginnings.


" It all started when I made my husband sign for our 5 year anniversary. Five years is the traditional gift of wood, and honestly, I was just trying to save a buck while being thoughtful. I used a piece of rough, un-sanded scrap wood and a homemade stencil I cut out by hand with my exacto knife. The result was a sign made with love and blurred letters. The paint bled through my printer paper stencil. Thankfully, the thoughtfulness outweighed my gesture and it was lovely in its own rustic way for a friend to request her own. Requests kept coming! I got better and better. Soon I was able to afford a Cricut and a miter saw. My husband taught me how to use all the tools. Word of mouth kept spreading and keeping me busy! The rest is history and here we are today!

The DIY workshops of today are an evolution from our first humble gathering.

Fall of 2016 a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. I thought if I can, anyone can stencil, let's have a fundraiser to offset medical costs. I brought the supplies, made some boards, and people bought tickets to stencil their own signs. We shared paint brushes, used paper stencils, and painted on un-sanded signs. Nevertheless, it was a great success and the start of something much bigger than I ever anticipated. Thank you!"

- Kristen


Kristen Bringhurst

Kristen majored in Design with a Minor in Studio Art at UC Davis.  Creator of each sign and visionary of Boards & Bottle she hand crafts and designs each sign. Creating not just signs but heirlooms, pieces that will be handed down and cherished by future generations. She is a wife, mother, and proud Sonoma County native who loves her community. She loves getting to know, and creating with others, and she can't wait to DIY with you!


Heidi Johnson

Heidi has been in the graphics art industry for 17+ years, from retail store and interior design, to logos and marketing materials. She loves being creative and working with others to enhance their natural creative abilities. She is the owner of a Sonoma County graphic design company and is a "work from home" mom to 3 wonderful boys. Blessed with twin boys that are 5 and a younger son that is almost 4, they love adventures and traveling together as a family!
“I am so excited to be a part of Boards & Bottle and share my enthusiasm of our reclaimed wood projects!”

Alyssa Parker

I look forward to carrying on the fun & creative atmosphere of Boards & Bottle! I saw Kristen’s signs on Facebook and messaged her to order a family sign. Not only did she work to seamlessly create my vision, she was the sweetest person I had ever transacted business with! I quickly ordered another and then co-hosted two fundraising nights and loved all of it! Although my full-time jobs are as a Realtor®️, wife and mom, when the opportunity to help Kristen popped up, I couldn’t refuse!


Janelle Coultre

I am so excited to be a part of this creative and positive team. Like the other ladies, I have a full life which brings me so much joy but I was missing that creative outlet. With a background of dance, cosmetics, sales and more, being artistic comes naturally to me so I can’t wait to help others tap into their own creative juices while having a blast!